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Toset Mapping

TOSET Land Survey & Mapping was established in 2017, our company serves customers from Tamil Nadu and other parts of India. We have highly qualified and experienced manpower to serve our Client efficiently and professionally. Our experienced survey teams provide efficient and accurate survey services to residential, commercial, industrial, and corporate and government clients. TOSET land survey mapping is distinguished by a strong combination of Knowledge, Skill, and Experience. In the future, our company aims to expand its services and cater to a larger client base.TOSET joined together to give excellent work…
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why choose TOSET?

  • TOSET Land Survey & Mapping. There is good experience in the modern survey, i.e.Topography, marking work,contour survey,railway survey, road surveying, environmental surveying & all survey data process based on E-survey Software.
  •  We have the expertise and modern equipment to carry out any survey and mapping project to the highest standards.
  •  We hire qualified, dedicated and hardworking surveyors to deliver high quality service in a timely, friendly, effective and accessible fashion.
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  • Our vision is to improve land survey knowledge for the students and we create best opportunities for their success.
  • To be the premier consulting and training firm dedicated to maximizing the human potential at all levels of organization.
  • Developing an Excellent Surveyor for the construction field and specially trained the Global.
  • We give attitude through Education based to Technical Support for our successful career.
  • Nurturing Students have Positive attitude through the value based Education for their Successful career.
  • Become Leading Company providing for Technical Education in State.
  • Our mission is to serve our region, the state and the nation through our innovative education programs in engineering.
  • It is our goal to educate our students with a keen awareness of the future engineering and energy needs of the world.
  • This Institute is committed to ensuring excellence through high-quality learning for the students.
  • To motivate the student’s manifold demands of technological efficiency needed in the fields of land survey and mapping.
  • For an innovative, practical oriented teaching methods and better atmosphere in the institution .
  • We develop the technological advance and build the perfect skill


TOSET joined together to give excellent work